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ALS offers a complete academic language service for Dutch and French speaking academics who need to publish in English. We do full translation or we can correct an existing English text. In addition we also do editorial work and can format texts, footnotes and bibliographies into any publishers' requirements or 'house style'.

We can take your own English work and turn it something that is not only grammatically but also idiomatically correct. We aim to be stylistically persuasive without compromising your distinctive work. Alternatively, we can translate your text from scratch.

The work is carried out by people who are bilingual in the true sense, native speakers of both English and the language being worked on. We can therefore offer fast turnaround times, resulting in a highly competitive service.

Finally, yet equally importantly, we have a thorough and wide knowledge of the humanities in all its academic disciplines whether philosophy or the social sciences, theology or anthropology, literature or history.

We undertake academic book proposals, research funding applications, biographies, abstracts, articles, academic papers, lectures and complete books.

About us

Marc du Ry

Marc du Ry

Since graduating from the University of Cape Town with a BA Honours in English and French Literature, Marc has worked regularly in this field, either editing e.g. R. Ryan, & S. Van Zyl, An introduction to contemporary literary theory, or writing entries for various reference works, e.g. Reader's Guide to Literature in English. As a practising Lacanian psychoanalyst, he was editor of the journal JCFAR (Journal of the Centre of Freudian Analysis and Research) in London for many years. He has published several articles and translated a number of books from French to English in the field of psychoanalysis.

Imke de Gier

Imke de Gier

Imke holds a BA in History and an MA in Medieval Studies from the University of Bristol. She is currently undertaking a doctoral dissertation in the field of medieval mysticism. She has translated numerous academic texts for UCSIA (Universiteits Centrum Sint Ignatius Antwerp) and colleagues at the Universities of Antwerp, Gent, Groningen and Utrecht.

Track record

Samples of our work

Translation of articles:

Published in Ehrenburg Neue Sachlichkeit and Avant-Garde:

  1. “A book such as ‘Automobile’ is only written once in a lifetime”. Ilja Ehrenburg’s The life of the automobile as benchmark in the discussion of New Objectivity in Dutch literature by Hans Anten.

For the newly launched Journal of Dutch Literature at Amsterdam University Press:

  1. “Late Postmodernism in Dutch Literature” by Thomas Vaessens.
  2. “The silence of the Somme” by Geert Buelens.

For UCSIA Antwerp:

  1. “Why tolerance cannot be our principal value” by Theo De wit.
  2. “Tolerance versus freedom of religion” by Patrick Loobrouck.

For the University of Toulouse:

  1. “Projet LABEX EuroPhilosophie”, a proposal to set up a European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research on the Theoretical and Social Impact of Contemporary French Philosophy.

For the University of Quebec:

  1. “La Gestion des forces de vente”.


  1. “The role of national governments in the construction of cross-border metropolitan regions in Europe”.

Other clients include EM-Lyon and the universities of St. Gallen, Nice, Lausanne, Strasbourg, Ghent, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Corrections of books with contributions by non-native speakers:

In-Between Spaces. Christian and Muslim Minorities in Transition in Europe and the Middle East

In-Between Spaces. Christian and Muslim Minorities in Transition in Europe and the Middle East

Christiane Timmerman, Johan Leman, Hannelore Roos & Barbara Segaert (eds.), P.I.E. Peter Lang S.A, 2009

Rethinking the University after Bologna. New Concepts and Practices beyond Tradition and the Market

Rethinking the University after Bologna. New Concepts and Practices beyond Tradition and the Market

Ronald Barnett, Jean-Claude Guédon, Jan Masschelein, Maarten Simons, Susan Robertson & Nicolas Standaert (eds.) UCSIA, Antwerpen, 2009

The Local Relevance of Human Rights

The Local Relevance of Human Rights

Koen De Feyter, Stephan Parmentier, Christiane Timmerman & George Ulrich (eds.) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2011

Translation of books:

The Birth of the Other

Birth of the Other

Robert and Rosine Lefort, University of Illinois Press, 1994

Does the Woman Exist?

Does the Woman Exist?

Paul Verhaegen, Other Press, London, 1999

The Training of the Psychoanalyst

The Trainings of the Psychoanalyst

Annie Tardits, Karnac Books, 2009


“In the field of History, transcending national boundaries is extremely important. But in order to develop comparative perspectives, and to have an impact on the broader development of the field, academic communication and publication in English is imperative. For non-native speakers like myself, high-standard academic language correction is therefore of uttermost importance. ALS not only provides a secure, swift and flexible service, but also offers the advantage of a very direct and personalized contact. Their vast experience in language correction and scholarly research, especially in the Social Sciences and Humanities, allows Mark du Ry and Imke de Gier from ALS not only to correct the English idiom and grammar of my papers, books and articles, but also to improve them substantially, always looking for better and more accurate ways of formulating the argument, idea or nuance, so that it will be properly understood by a broad international research community. I would certainly recommend their services to all of my colleagues!”

Tim Soens, University of Antwerp

“I really appreciate your willingness to take on work at short notice, to tackle a broad range of texts and themes (project proposals, articles, talks…whether on history or the organization of historical databases, and also to correct as well as translate). Specifically, I value the fact that you will point out obscurities and resolve them via dialogue.”

Jeroen Deploige, University of Gent


Our general rates are:

0.04 euro cents per word for correction and editorial work.
0.10 euro cents per word for translation work into English from Dutch or French.

Price upon application for books and collections of articles.

Where texts require minimum intervention we can quote an hourly rate rather than per word.

Average turnaround for articles is 3-5 days.

ALS is VAT registered in the U.K.
VAT no. GB 133 0525 56

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